Dierproefvrije statements van cosmetica bedrijven D-G

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De cosmetica en ingrediënten van DA zijn dierproefvrij. We kopen geen producten in bij fabrikanten die op dieren testen. (bron: email uitwisseling op 20-09-16)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We do not test on animals and neither do we cell to any countries that do animal testing. All our ingredients are vegan and not tested on animals. (bron: email uitwisseling op 10-11-2015)
Overig: De producten van Dahliana zijn vegan.

Damn Good Soap
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement: “Onze producten en ingrediënten zijn wereldwijd dierproefvrij en we kopen geen ingredienten in bij fabrikanten die op dieren testen. Enkele producten bevatten bijenwas.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 26-04-17)
Overig: De producten van Damn Good Soap zijn vegetarisch.

Daily Organic
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We are the producer of Daily Organic and our products and ingredients haven’t been tested on animals since 2009. The Daily Organic line is not for sale in China. Daily Organic Body Crème contains beeswax, other products in the Daily Organic line does not contain animal ingredients. (bron: email uitwisseling op 22-03-2017)
Overig: De producten van Daily Organic zijn vegetarisch.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Our products and ingredients are free from animal testing from the launch on, meaning beginning of last year. None of our suppliers perform animal testing on our products. We are not for sale in China. Our products do not use any animal derived ingredients. All DAYTOX products are registered at the Vegan Society UK. (bron: email uitwisseling op 21-03-2017)
Overig: De producten van DAYTOX zijn vegan.

Deep Steep
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Leaping Bunny & PETA
Statement:Deep Steep does not test on animals and we are certified by the Cruelty Free Bunny(bron)
Overig: De producten van Deep Steep zijn vegetarisch.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Delilah products are not tested on animals anywhere in the world, we do not sell in China. The ingredients are free from animal testing, mostly since 2000. We only work with suppliers that don’t perform animal testing. (bron: email uitwisseling op 19-04-16)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De producten van Dermolin worden nooit op dieren getest. Dierproeven voor de ontwikkeling van cosmetische producten zijn in Nederland al sinds 1997 verboden volgens de Wet op Dierproeven. Dierproeven voor cosmetica zijn sinds 2004 in heel Europa bij wet verboden. Dit is onder meer het gevolg van de ontwikkeling van alternatieve testmethoden. De werkzaamheid van cosmetica wordt getest op menselijke vrijwilligers. (bron: email uitwisseling op 16-10-2014)
Overig: De producten van Dermolin zijn vegetarisch.

De Traay
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De ingrediënten en de eindproducten zijn gegarandeerd dierproefvrij (een eis voor onze gecertificeerde producten). (bron)
Overig: De producten van De Traay zijn vegetarisch.

De Tuinen (huismerk)
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De eigenmerk producten van De Tuinen zijn niet getest op dieren, ook de ingrediënten niet. Wij hebben geen statement op onze website omdat voor de Europese wet alle producten dierproefvrij dienen te zijn. (bron: email uitwisseling op 08-08-2013)

Douglas & Douglas Naturals
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:(DE) Unsere Eigenmarken Douglas Beauty System, Venus Perfect Skincare, Douglas Hair und Baratti werden allesamt tierversuchsfrei produziert. Dabei kommen nur Rohstoffe zum Einsatz, die gesetzlich zugelassen sind und für die daher keine Tierversuche durchgeführt werden müssen. Die Fertigprodukte werden ausschließlich in „in-vitro“-Zellkulturen in Labors oder an freiwilligen Testpersonen unter ärztlicher Aufsicht getestet.
Alle Douglas Naturals producten zijn getest en geregistreerd door The Vegan Society. Wij bevestigen hierbij nogmaals onze belofte dat de Douglas Naturals producten vrij zijn van dierlijke ingrediënten en bijproducten. Er wordt niet getest op dieren tijdens de ontwikkeling en productie van Douglas Naturals.
. (bron 1 & bron 2)

Dr. Alkaitis
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:Alle gebruikte ingrediënten zijn Food Grade, biologisch en dierproefvrij. De producten zijn ook in het verleden niet op dieren getest, en Dr Alkaitis zal ook niet in China verkocht worden om deze reden. (bron: email uitwisseling op 10-04-2014)

Dr. Bronner’s
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Leaping Bunny
Statement:Dr. Bronner’s qualifies for the rabbit and stars logo of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). This logo certifies that our product and all of our ingredients are not tested on animals. (bron)

Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:Dr. Hauschka Skin Care opposes animal testing. We neither perform nor commission animal testing of our products or ingredients.(bron)
Lees hier trouwens hoe Dr.Hauschka tegenover China staat (pdf).

Dr K Soap Company
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement: “Our products are not tested on animals and all ingredients are free from animal testing since 2013. Our products are for sale worldwide at retail level, but we do not have wholesalers in China. Some products contain beeswax.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 02-15-17)
Overig: De producten van Dr K Soap Company zijn vegetarisch.

Dr. Organic
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door NatureWatch
Statement:Our products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are completely safe and effective. No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.(bron)

Dr. van der Hoog
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De huidverzorgingsproducten van Dr. van der Hoog zijn niet getest op dieren. Dr. van der Hoog heeft nooit getest op dieren maar gebruikt een alternatief, namelijk kweekcellen. Het eindproduct is niet getest op dieren en met ingang van 2013 moeten ook alle ingrediënten dierproefvrij zijn, dan weten we allemaal zeker wat we kopen. (bron: email uitwisseling op 04-03-2014)

E.L.F. Cosmetics
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:We do NOT test on animals or endorse such practices. Our products also do not contain animal derived ingredients. We currently support HSUS and are partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.(bron)
Overig: De producten van E.L.F. cosmetica zijn vegan.

Earth Minerals / Provida
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Yes, of course our products and ingredients have been free from animal testing since 1979. We ourselves are manufacturer and only distribute our own products. Our suppliers also do not make animal testing. Our Earth Minerals Make Up and our Demeter Line are completely vegan. Provida line has some products, which contain honey, beeswax or lanolin. Most are also vegan. Carmine we don`t use!.(bron: email uitwisseling op 18-10-2016)
Overig: De producten van Earth Minerals zijn veganistisch.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Evenals bij de productie als bij de ontwikkeling van een product mogen geen dierproeven gedaan worden. Grondstoffen die vóór 01-01-1998 nog niet op de markt aanwezig waren, mogen alleen dán gebruikt worden als ze niet op dieren zijn getest.(bron)

Eco Cosmetics
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We don´t test any products or raw material on animals. We only work with suppliers that don’t perform animal testing and our products are not for sale in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 02-06-2016)

Eco Minerals
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Choose Cruelty Free
Statement:Our product are not tested on animals anywhere, all the ingredients in our products are certified cruelty free, since our foundation 10 years ago. We dont sell in China. All our products are completely vegan. (bron: email uitwisseling op 26-9-17)
Overig: De producten van Eco Minerals zijn vegan.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya is an ethical Australian brand made and own. From the moment establishing the company 8 years ago, also a Certified Cruelty Free company. Never have tested on animals and never will be. The Eco by Sonya range is vegan, the only product vegetarian is sunscreen which contains beeswax. At this moment we do not have any information that Eco Tan products are sold in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 01-06-17)
Overig: De producten van EcoTan zijn vegetarisch.

Eco Tools
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules.(bron)
Overig: De kwasten van Eco Tools zijn vegan.

Elemental Herbology
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We are against animal testing. Our products are not tested on animals and we are 100% committed to using ingredients and raw products that have also not been tested on animals.(bron)

Ellis Faas
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement: “All ELLIS FAAS products are “cruelty-free”, which has officially been acknowledged by PETA. In fact, our suppliers stopped using animal-tested ingredients long before that became a law. This is why we are happy to tell you again and again: ELLIS FAAS – Only Tested On Supermodels ®. We do not deliver to China.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 13-12-16)

Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:Emani Vegan Cosmetics is proud to have received official recognition from PETA in honor of Emani’s commitment to PETA’s Caring Consumer Project. According to the Caring Consumer Project agreement, no animal tests or ingredients are involved in the formulation and manufacturing of any Emani Vegan Cosmetics products. We are not selling to China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 20-10-2017)
Overig: De producten van Emani zijn vegan.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We do not test products on animals. Animal testing on cosmetic products has been banned in Europe since September 11th, 2004 and we are compliant. The ban on commercialization of cosmetics with animal tested ingredients has been enforced since March 11th, 2013, we are compliant with that rule as well,our suppliers respect this rule/law as well. Embryolisse laboratories do not have any point of sale on the territory of China.(bron: email uitwisseling op 08-12-17)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement: “We never have and never will test on animals. We have no plans to sell to China due to the animal testing factor.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 25-04-17)
Overig: De producten van Erbaviva zijn vegetarisch.

Ere Perez
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA & Choose Cruelty Free
Statement:Our products are accredited by PETA USA and Choose cruelty free Australia.
Concerning the individual ingredients, many, many years ago, the ingredients may have been tested on animals. Before our company was even started. However, since it is no longer a requirement (since the ingredients have been proven safe) there is no animal testing done. We also work with suppliers that follow the same ethical guidelines.
We do not sell in China. All of our products are vegan excluding our Almond Oil Mascara, Brown Mascara & Olive oil lipstick range as they contain beeswax.
. (bron: email uitwisseling op 22-08-2016)
Overig: De producten van Ere Perez zijn vegetarisch.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Geen van de producten die voor Erica gemaakt worden zijn op dieren getest, leveranciers worden exclusief gevraagd dit te controleren en geen opdrachten hiervoor te verstrekken. Wij exporteren geen producten buiten de EU (ook niet naar China). (bron: email uitwisseling op 02-02-2015)

Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:De producten zijn wereldwijd dierproefvrij. De ingrediënten zijn vanaf de start in 2002 dierproefvrij. We hebben geen leveranciers die op dieren testen, wij sluiten ALLES hieromtrent uit. We zijn vegan certified. (bron: email uitwisseling op 22-09-2016)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We do not test any of our cosmetics on animals or ask anyone else to test for us. This applies to the final products as well as any of the ingredients in them, because essence is strictly against any kind of animal testing whatsoever. We think it is absolutely awful to torture animals for the sake of beauty products.(bron)

Estelle & Thild
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We guarantee no products nor ingredients are animal tested. Estelle & Thild has neither conducted or commissioned animal testing on any aspect of our products, including raw materials.(bron)

Etos huismerk
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Vanaf 11 maart 2013 zijn alle make-up en persoonlijke verzorgingsproducten in Europa dierproefvrij. Europese regelgeving stelt dat het verboden is om make-up en persoonlijke verzorgingsproducten te verkopen waarvan de grondstoffen na 11 maart getest zijn op dieren. De veiligheid van de ingrediënten van make-up en persoonlijke verzorgingsproducten wordt nu aan de hand van alternatieve testmethoden gegarandeerd. Voor eindproducten was het doen van dierproeven in de EU vanaf 2004 verboden en in Nederland zelfs al vanaf 1997.(bron)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Evolve does not test on animals. We have gone through the process of auditing every single one of our ingredients to see if it is animal tested and we have a cut off date in place of 2009 beyond which we do not use animal tested ingredients. As per EU law our products have not been tested on animals. Our products (bar our conditioners) are certified vegan but not with the BUAV. We have not registered in China (which requires animal testing) but we sell via a distributor into Hong Kong (which does not require animal testing). (bron: email uitwisseling op 29-07-2013)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Original Additions (Eylure) Ltd are opposed to the testing of cosmetic products or ingredients on animals. This has been the Company philosophy since it was founded in 1977. Original Additions (Eylure) do not permit animal testing of any cosmetic products or ingredients by any sub-contract manufacturer, nor do we commission any such tests on our behalf. Original Additions is not exporting products to China. Eylure lashes are made from sterilised and treated human hair.(bron: email uitwisseling op 18-01-2017)

FACE Stockholm
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:FACE Stockholm cosmetics does not conduct or endorse cosmetic testing on animals and we do not sell or trade in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 29-12-2014)

Fair Squared
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:We are Vegan Society registered. Our Fairtrade certified lip balms, Sun cream, After Sun, BB creams and Facial cream are free from animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals, ever. We will be adding the Vegan trademark to our packaging of all new Fair squared products and the current range.(bron)
Overig: De producten van Fair Squared zijn vegetarisch.

Faith in Nature
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Cruelty Free International
Statement:No animal tested products. No animal ingredients. No ingredients tested on animals (with a cut off date in accordance with BUAV (Cruelty Free International) requirements of 1988, and for our Household Cleaning range, a cut off date of 2003). All products are Vegetarian, and most are Vegan.(bron)
Overig: De producten van Faith in Nature zijn vegetarisch.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:All Farfalla products have never been tested on animals. Farfalla has also never taken part in animal experiments and has never asked any third party to act on their behalf in this regard. Farfalla does not export any goods into China, since this would most likely result in testing our cosmetics on animals. Allmost all of our products are vegan. However, there very little exceptions: hairstyling gel, hairmask, hairspray, aloe shea eye fluid.(bron: email uitwisseling op 06-10-2016)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals since we started. We only work with suppliers that don’t perform animal testing and our products are not for sale in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 20-03-2017)
Overig: De producten van FINE zijn vegan.

First Aid Beauty
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:First Aid Beauty is committed to being a 100% cruelty free company. We have not, do not and will not conduct any testing of ingredients or finished products on animals. Furthermore, we only work with business partners who certify compliance with our policy. FAB does not sell our products in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 20-07-2017)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Florame is totally and firmly opposed to animal testing. Since its creation, Florame has never tested any products or ingredients on animals. From raw materials to finished products, no tests are made on animals. We do not sell out products in China. Concerning our suppliers, each of them has to provide an attestation proving they do not make tests on animals.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 05-07-2016)

Flow Cosmetics
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We don’t allow anyone to test our products on animals. The ingredients are free from animal testing. We use ingredients that are certified with Ecocert and Cosmos standard, which don’t allow animal tested ingredients. We buy our ingredients from trusted European companies. It is illegal to perform animal tests to cosmetic ingredients in the European union, so we trust that our suppliers comply with this law. We absolutely do not sell in China. We have said no several times to exporting to China because of the animal testing. (bron: email uitwisseling op 27-01-17)
Overig: De producten van Flow Cosmetics zijn vegetarisch.

Freedom Makeup London
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:We can confirm that we do not test our products nor ingredients on animals and neither do any third parties (and we are not owned by a parent company).” (bron: email uitwisseling op 02-02-2015)

Fresh Therapies
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Leaping Bunny
Statement:All these ingredients are biodegradable and safe for the environment as well as you. This product is not tested on animals, allowing us to use the Leaping Bunny logo and is suitable for use by vegans too.(bron)
Overig: De producten van Fresh Therapies zijn vegan.

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:The FUDGE brand is against animal testing: we do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor do we ask anyone to test them on animals on our behalf. FUDGE has not tested its products on animals since we launched the brand in 1991. We work with our suppliers to source ingredients which have not been tested on animals. We also do not distribute our products in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 3-10-17)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:De producten en ingredienten van FUENTE zijn sinds de oprichting in 1993 vanzelfsprekend niet op dieren getest. Wij werken alleen met leveranciers die niet op dieren testen en zijn niet te koop in China. (bron: email uitwisseling op 31-03-2017)

Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Our products are free from animal testing. We are an ethically accredited company (with Vegan Society) and over 98% of our products are Vegan registered. The ethical shopping organisation who audit us have certified us with the Ethical Shopping Guide Logo officially confirming we do not do animal testing. You will see this logo on our website and hopefully this should assure you of our stance. (bron)
Overig: De producten van Fushi zijn vegetarisch.

Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA & Leaping Bunny
Statement:We have never tested our products on animals and never will. All Giovanni products are cruelty free.(bron)
Overig: De producten van Giovanni zijn vegetarisch.

Goddess Garden Organics
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door Cruelty Free International
Statement: “All of our products are vegan and 100% cruelty free. We are also Leaping Bunny Certified meaning that we only use suppliers that do not test on animals. We do not sell our products anywhere that requires animal testing.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 25-04-17)
Overig: De producten van Goddess Garden Organics zijn vegan.

Gold Haircare
Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement: “Animal testing has never been allowed and our philosophy is to be green. Our products are never tested on animals. It is not possible for us to work with China because they need animal testing products and this is against our future. Our haircare line is vegan except for the wax which contains beeswax.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 18-05-17)
Overig: De producten van Gold Haircare zijn vegetarisch.

Good Virtues
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement: “All our products are not tested on animals. We only use 100% non-animal derived ingredients in our products. The majority of our ingredients have been free from animal testing since 2012, the last batches since 2014. We don’t sell in China.” (bron: email uitwisseling op 30-11-17)
Overig: De producten van Good Virtues zijn veganistisch.

Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA
Statement:Let us reassure you that we do not carry out animal testing whatsoever, nor do we commission others to do so, either in Denmark or anywhere else in the world. We are also totally against the animal testing of our finished products.(bron)

Green People
Gecertificeerd: Nee
Statement:Green People are and always have been totally opposed to any cruelty to animals. Since starting the Green People in 1997, we have operated to the following principles: We have never carried out or commissioned animal testing of any raw material, cosmetic ingredient or finished product. All Green People products are tested on human volunteers. We do not and will not use ingredients that have been made by manufacturers who carry out or commission animal testing of cosmetic ingredients.(bron)
Overig: De producten van Green People zijn vegetarisch.

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