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    Odylique Statement: “At Odylique we think animal testing in any shape or form is barbaric, unnecessary and frankly, irrelevant. Odylique and Essential Care products have of course never been tested on animals. But we also go the extra step and also ensure our ingredient suppliers do not test on animals either. We won’t buy ingredients […]

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    S5 Statement: “Our products are not tested on animals anywhere in the world. We know that, historically, most common ingredients have been tested on animals but we do not use anything that has been tested since 2005. Our suppliers do not test on animals. We do not sell in China or any country that requires […]

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    Tan Organic Statement: “We support organic farmers, growers and the environment and we are committed to producing high end cosmetics that are ethically made and free from animal testing. We are certified by the top bodies in these fields including Ecocert, The Ethical Company Organisation & PETA.” Gecertificeerd: Ja, door PETA Overig: De producten van […]

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    FACE Stockholm Statement: “FACE Stockholm cosmetics does not conduct or endorse cosmetic testing on animals and we do not sell or trade in China.” Gecertificeerd: Nee Voor het laatst gecontroleerd: juli 2018 Te koop bij: zie verkooppunten op de website Fair Squared Statement: “We are Vegan Society registered. Our Fairtrade certified lip balms, Sun cream, […]

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    Earth Minerals Statement: “Yes, of course our products and ingredients have been free from animal testing since 1979. We ourselves are manufacturer and only distribute our own products. Our suppliers also do not make animal testing. Our Earth Minerals Make Up and our Demeter Line are completely vegan.” Gecertificeerd: Nee Overig: De producten van Earth […]